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Who we are & what we do


Grey Mauritius is a creative advertising and digital company partnering with some of the world’s most ambitious brands to provide innovative and effective integrated brand marketing solutions which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals.

That means creating more than just adverts. We call it Open. Open isn’t about one way of doing things; it’s about doing things in the way that works best for every client. No hierarchy, ego, or that old-school advertising ball and chain, sign off. Because we believe that none of us are as smart as all of us.

Our Services


ADVERTISING Welcome to a better way of doing advertising in all marketing disciplines. We believe that great work is something conceived, nurtured, produced and evaluated together. We house all of our disciplines and specialty experts under one roof and we don’t wait for our clients to tell us what services they want: we work together as a team to determine what they need. Call it integration, collaboration or teamwork. We simply call it the everyday practice of doing what’s right.


Media Buying We believe that everything is connected. And that means a media agency has to think and operate in an entirely new way. So new that we don’t even call ourselves a media agency anymore. We call ourselves The Content + Connections Agency. That’s our shorthand way of saying that we have a unique approach to planning and buying across paid, owned and earned media, which can optimise our clients’ entire system of content and connections – not just the individual channel silos within them. For us, “content” is the fuel for high-performing communications systems. It refers to any form of consumer messaging that connects brands with their consumers. “Connections” is how we guide the content around the system. It’s about having a closed-loop distribution strategy, ensuring there are no dead ends or wastage.We do this by taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture, designing the content with the connection in mind.We call this Systems Thinking – and it’s proven to transform communications effectiveness.


Activation If you have a problem…if no one else can help… maybe you can hire …the Activation team. Grey Activation team develops and produces Famously Effective integrated work for our clients by connecting brands to people,places,trends,events and partners in ways that capture the interest of consumers and spur them to action. core practice areas include experiences, events, grassroots, promotions, strategic partnerships,influence,entertainment and celebrity programs. Our Activation experts partner with PR to drive maximum programme awareness, and work closely with account,creative,digital,design and social teams to ensure flawless integration


Digital Everyone knows digital media is the future of advertising. But not everyone knows how to use it and synergise it with other media. Our fully integrated team of digital strategists, technologists, producers, developers, copywriters, art directors and account managers offer a complete set of digital capabilities. Many of our clients use Grey’s integrated approach to digital. Our services include digital, user experience design, web/mobile design and development, search and display marketing, from strategy to execution and placement of mobile apps, augmented reality, reporting and analysis, animation (2D and 3D) and video editing


Branding We are more than just designers. We are pursuers of emotion and pioneers of reason. We push boundaries to ensure that our clients’ brands are presented in a creative, disciplined, and consistent manner so that they establish a long lasting significant and differentiated presence in the market. It isn’t just about “getting your name out” in the marketplace, but about getting an individual customer to say, ‘I want it!
Our clients
  • ENL
  • Kraft
  • Casela
  • La Balise Marina
  • Sunny
  • Aquafresh
  • So Mauritius
  • Lottotech
  • Mirinda
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