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Open culture, Long ideas

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We are 50 people from a wide range of backgrounds working together in a wonderfully open environment to create and influence popular culture. From where we are and how we work to who we admire and what inspires us, everything at Grey Mauritius reflects a culture of creativity. - read more about it below.


Open Culture We have pioneered a different culture and way of working at Grey. We call it Open. Open provides: Direct access to creatives and planners. No barriers to entry. Smart, fast, agile and versatile solutions. No executive sign-offs, no production lines. No ego. We reject the old notion that ideas have to be bottle-necked through a 'godlike' single creative director. Multi-discipline teams solve business problems together. The client is at the heart, central to the work. Media agnostic solutions. No obsession with TV - we find the right channel solution. No physical departmental structures, allowing multi-discipline teams to cluster around the task in hand rather than rigidly sticking within their department boundaries. Using this approach means that we can be more fluid and faster to create teams for small or tactical projects as well as getting the widest possible talent set together for a major long term challenge. We work in a way that leads to better, more original ideas, which sees us win online or in the more traditional offline environments. We develop solutions with real social currency, ideas that are famously effective and ideas that deliver real success on our clients' bottom line.


Birthday parties at Grey Each month birthdays of staff are celebrated the Grey way !


LONG IDEAS Most agencies talk about Big Ideas. We believe in Long Ideas. Big Ideas come and go. Long Ideas start earlier and live longer. Long Ideas travel further across media, companies, people and culture. They are ideas that are entertaining, interesting or useful enough to be shared. They are ideas, which involve people, give people something to talk about or do and the means to do it.


PEOPLE AT THE HEART An ad agency is so much more than bricks and mortar. It’s a variety of colourful characters. From avant-garde creatives to detail-loving number crunchers. But they’re all good people. After all, we take our time to pick them. We pride ourselves on culture. We were chosen by Grey Worldwide, first and foremost, for our people. We’re brimming with talent but ego-free - you could say we take our work seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously. Grey Mauritius is a well-oiled machine but you’d hardly call us slick. It’s very important that we nurture and maintain a healthy environment for our creatives.
Our clients
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